Northern Ireland - Israel - 2013-03-26 - Hannes Kaasik

WC 2014 qualifiers - Europe,
Northern Ireland - Israel, 0 - 2

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 0-0
Yellow cards: 2-0
Red cards: 0-0
2013-03-26 by adir
Referee and ars

Mr. Kaasik is very affable with no menacing looks and gestures, but he is firm at times and quite rightly so. When it comes to cautioning somebody, he calls him to get out of the bunch of players, approach the ref and be shown the yellow card (some referees don't mind the player walking away, his back turned to them while they brandish the card - just seen Lannoy behaving like that a couple of days before). There is a caveat though - the misapplication of the advantage rule. I counted four instances (26', 35', 40', 90'+2') where the same mistake has been repeatedly made - a player was impeded near the halfway-line, the ball bounced towards his team-mate who could benefit from the situation, but the whistle stopped his advance. As for the ars, in most cases they escaped scrutiny as the tv director didn't use replays where there were doubts about their decisions. It is just fair to say, Mr. Mutly's performance was a satisfactory one while Mr. Reinvald's raised a few question-marks, especially about him not calling offside in some cases.