AC Milan - Barcelona - 2012-03-28 - Jonas Eriksson

Champions League 2011-2012, 1/4 finals
AC Milan - Barcelona, 0 - 0

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 0-0
Yellow cards: 3-1
Red cards: 0-0
2012-03-28 by Ray Miller-Short

But in the second half things started to go wrong. Eriksson's leniency became dangerous. He did have to pull his card, but did so rather inconsistently: Ambrosini pulling an arm was yellow, Puyol doing the same wasn't. And he missed a few really bad fouls thus allowing those players to foul badly again. Was he lenient or did he just not see what happened?


Yes and no. I liked his decision to not award it, he could have, but he didn't. He never whistled for fouls like that, wherever on the field they occurred. Kudos.


Two different styles, everybody loves Barca's way of playing, sure so do I, but this time they got an opponent who knew what to do about it and a sympathetic referee who considers football players adults (and Milan's sure are): stop complaining, get on with the show. Barca taking the ball all the way up to the box by passing it as often as possible, never over more that a few metres; Milan often with the long pass, almost always wide, somewhere near Ibrahimovic and see if he could work his magic.