Bahrain - Indonesia - 2012-02-29 - Andre El Haddad

WC 2014 qualifiers - Asia, 3rd round
Bahrain - Indonesia, 10 -

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 3-0
Yellow cards: 0-1
Red cards: 0-1
2012-02-29 by The ENG
Penalty and Red card

The first penalty came in the 3rd minute when the goalkeeper tripped the striker and the referee pointed to the spot. But the gutsy call came when he showed a red card to the Indonesian Goalkeeper which was correct.

Second penalty

The second penalty was also correct, because this time the striker was tripped by a defender. The Indonesians had no one to blame but their inexperienced back line.

Third penalty

The third penalty of the match came in the 82nd minute and it was once again for Bahrain. The referee actually got this one wrong, because the Bahraini striker did take a dive but unfortunately, the referee made a mistake and gave a penalty.

Assistant Referee

The first assistant referee made two huge mistakes. The first was when he called a handball outside of the penalty area against the goalkeeper, and the second was in the second half when he ruled out an Indonesian goal for offside. The replay proved him wrong.