Sevilla FC - Arsenal - 2007-11-27 - Eric Braamhaar

Champions League 2007-2008, group stage
Sevilla FC - Arsenal, 3 - 1

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 1-0
Yellow cards: 4-2
Red cards: 0-0
2007-11-27 by croref

He had many an incident in his career, in this match there were two. In the 65th minute Braamhaar awarded a penalty for Sevilla after a Senderos handball, but after his assistant informed him that Senderos in fact did not touch the ball with his hand he went back on his decision and awarded a drop ball. Braamhaar was lucky to have a good assistant. Wenger was watching last 10 minutes from the tunnel , where the rules are clear enough that a sent-off player or staff member have to go to the stands or the locker room. The fact that Wenger didn't do that was a mistake of the fourth official. Except for this Braamhaar did a solid job but he could have performed in a more preventive manner, especially in the first half when some of the players showed unsporting reactions (Adriano from Sevilla and Hoyte from Arsenal). In the last minute of the match he awarded a penalty to Sevilla and decided well.


Arsenal was better in the first 20 minutes but after Sevilla scored only one team played and Arsenal could have lost by bigger numbers. Arsene Wenger always blames the referee when Arsenal does not succeed but this time he made a mistake because his team failed to play up to standards and also his central defenders Senderos and Toure played a terrible match. Sevilla showed us how to play against Arsenal , they put the pressure on the Arsenal defenders.