Colombia u20 - Brazil u20 - 2011-01-20 - Dario Ubriaco

Copa Sudamericana u20 2011, group stage
Colombia u20 - Brazil u20, 1 - 3

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 1-0
Yellow cards: 3-2
Red cards: 0-0
2011-01-20 by Carlos

The penalty from Colombia was correct. It was a suitation in wich the brasilian players asked for penalty it was not.

Little mistakes

Ubriaco maneged good the yellow cards. In the second goal of Brazil, some people asked foul against the colombian player, but it really was not a foul. The linesmen were wrigt in their desitions.


Colombia palyed well, but Brazil is the best team of the tournament. The match was verry intense, the two teams wanted to win, maybe Brazil was better but Colombia didn´t deserve to lose by 2 goals