Germany - Slovakia - 2007-06-06 - Olegario Benquerenca

Euro 2008 qualifiers,
Germany - Slovakia, 2 - 1

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 0-0
Yellow cards: 1-1
Red cards: 0-0
2007-06-06 by Wolfgang Sittmayer

Olegario Benquerenca is not a bad ref for matches like this one. Nothing happend so he could't give cards to the wrong player nor show his ballet steps, the only thing he had to do was follow the players and that was easy because the players didn't do much. A couple of (very) wide shots and a lot of wrong passing, that was the match Germany-Slovakia.


Nothing happened? Well, in the second half a Slovak defender grabbed Klose by his left arm in the penalty box. Klose fell yelling, but Benquerenca didn't think much of it. Repeats on the tv showed it should have been a penalty, but those repeats were from different angles and the Portuguese ref could only see from one. So let's not hold this against him forever.