AS Roma - Manchester United - 2007-04-04 - Herbert Fandel

Champions League 2006-2007, 1/4 finals
AS Roma - Manchester United, 2 - 1

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 0-0
Yellow cards: 1-4
Red cards: 0-1
2007-04-04 by Wolfgang Sittmayer
of course

Totti flies throuh the air, the other player gestures he didn't do anything, Totti looks angrily at the ref, the ref books the other player. Whether the other player (Scholes) actually did anything wrong isn't the point. Fandel had to book him, Totti's act was too good. Totti actually aimed at Scholes, just repeat it in slow-motion and you can see him abandoning the ball, brazing himself and going for Scholes' knee. This resulted in Scholes' second yellow, so he was sent off. A really great ref should not award something like this.


Fandel booked Perotta for diving, also something you can expect: there will always be at least one Italian trying to get a penalty.


Man United lost, but their goal was a great one by Rooney.