Nancy - Feyenoord - 2006-11-30 - Espen Berntsen

UEFA Cup 2006 - 2007, group stage
Nancy - Feyenoord, 3 - 0

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 1-1
Yellow cards: 0-4
Red cards: 0-1
2006-11-30 by Ray Miller-Short

But let's talk about the referee. After he realized he made a couple of mistakes, Espen Berntsen tried to make up for them.

mistake one

After having awarded three free kicks in the first three minutes, he realized what kind of players he was dealing with - that not every flick or scream of pain was a real one. He stopped whistling for every dive and gave Feyenoord defenders the benefit of the doubt.

mistake two

He awarded a penalty to Nancy for nothing, felt (probably) guilty about it, and gave Feyenoord one as well. Also for nothing.

mistake three

Feyenoord has a player called Buijs, a midfielder referees should be warned about before the match. Buijs likes to break other player's body parts and this time he went for a knee. It happened right in front of Bentsen, but the Norwegian didn't see it. He must have seen it in replay on the screen and decided to book Buijs later on. For a minor foul. What else could Berntsen do?
Anyway, Bentsen is still young, unexperienced perhaps, but man enough to admit his mistakes. Next time maybe he won't even make them. If anyone has learned anything from this, well... match? (What is a club like Feyenoord doing in an international tournament anyway?), it's Espen Berntsen.