Olympiakos - Anorthosis - 2008-08-27 - Herbert Fandel

Champions League 2008-2009, qualifiers 3rd round
Olympiakos - Anorthosis, 1 - 0

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 0-0
Yellow cards: 4-2
Red cards: 0-0
2008-08-27 by othonas (http://www.diaitisia.gr )
He showed his presence from the beginnig, with mistakes

The pressure for Olympiacos was obvious, even from the start of the game. The referee took the opportunity to take control of the match by whistling for every tackle. Up to the 20th minute of the game he cautioned approximately 15 times for offending fouls, and thus stopped the rhythm of the game. In a critical game like this, a smart referee like Fandel did what every referee should do.


In a very noisy atmosphere and the crowd demanding more pressure from the home team, Herbert Fandel stopped all this pressure by whistling whenever a player was in the ground. If you see the replay, just 1/4 of those fouls were committed and in some cases even the assistant referee signaled with his hand to play on, but Fandel ignored his assistants and blew his whistle.
He should have cautioned the keeper of Anorthosis for delaying.

the opportunity for an easy game

By whistling so much at the beginning of the game, the referee showed clearly that he was going to play a crucial role in the rhythm of the game making the players nervous. Then he used his cards. 3 yellows in the first half for Olympiacos and one for Anorthosis. Imagine that. 3 yellows for the team that was trying to score and only one for the defending team. That says it all. After that everything was easy for him

Cooperation with assistants

In the first half he ignored them. He used them only for corner kicks and throw ins. In 3-4 instances the first assistant made a signal with his hand to play on but Fandel cautioned the offender. In these instances two players of Olympiacos were cautioned also with a yellow card.

Smart refereeing

He played smart. With mistakes or not, he had control of the game.