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Referees Top 10 - 2018

Number 1: Felix Brych

It's doctor Felix Brych. The German referee is a doctor in law. His paper was about sports. Brych was promoted to the elite category at the start of season 2009-2010

Number 2: Damir Skomina

Malta, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Far Oer, Anothosis Famagusta, Rabotnicki Kometal, Debreceni VSC, names of some of the teams Slovenian referee Skomina encountered at the start of his international career. But since the 2009/10 season he belongs to the elite category. Two years later he was assigned the CL quarter-final Chelsea vs Benfica.

Number 3: Danny Makkelie

Danny Desmond Makkelie is a category 2 referee who got his FIFA badge in 2011. He is active in the Dutch Eredivisie since 2009 and an A-group referee since 2010. It was thanks to Pieter Vink's early retirement that this Dutchman became a FIFA ref so soon.

Number 4: Alberto Undiano Mallenco

Alberto Undiano Mallenco made his debut in the Primera Division in October 2000 at the early age of 26. From 2004 and on he officiated in UEFA Cup matches and qualifiers. Mallenco got his first Champions League match in 2007, and a big one too: Bayern vs Spartak Moscow. That was the year he became an Elite Category referee.

Number 5: Sandro Meira Ricci

A referee with 15 years of experience. Ricci became professional ref in 2003 and entered in CBF in 2006. A very fast career. He is new on the FIFA from 2011, replacing Carlos Simon. He is a CONMEBOL Category 2 referee.

Number 6: Milorad Mazic

Milorad Mazic became FIFA referee in 2009. He is a UEFA Elite Development Category ref after having been a Category 1 referee for two years. Presently busy taking charge of matches in the Europa League but expected to go to the Champions League soon.

Number 7: Jonas Eriksson

Jonas started refereeing in 1994 and made his debut in the Allsvenskan in 2000. Two years later Eriksson earned his FIFA badge.
The Swede was promoted to the elite category at the beginning of season 2009-2010.

Number 8: Andres Cunha


Number 9: Alireza Faghani

Faghani became a referee in 2007 and a year later he got his FIFA badge, which shows the trust AFC have in him. He is also one of the top referees in Iran.

Number 10: Nawaf Ghayyat Shukrallah

Nawaf Abdulla Ghayyat Shukralla is a legal researcher from Bahrain. He is a FIFA ref since 2008.

Bummer! Just outside our top 10: Enrique Caceres Villafane

Enrique Caceres Villafante is a FIFA referee since 2010. He made his debut in the Copa Sudamericana in 2010, and in the Copa Libertadores in 2011. He is a CONMEBOL Category 2 referee
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