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Bas Nijhuis refused the job of additional assistant referee to Bjorn Kuipers fot the 2012 European Championships. Van Boekel and Liesveld are better choices, he said. UEFA didn't really understand his refusal of what is supposed to be an honour. But not for this ambitious Dutchman, who wants to be the centre referee.

December 2011. During the Cup match Ajax - AZ a spectator entered the field and surprised AZ goalie Esteban with a push. Esteban floored guy and started kicking him viciously until officials pulled him away. Nijhuis had to show a red card to the goalie, you just aren't allowed to beat up people during a match, not even members of the public. Angered by it all AZ coach Verbeek pulled his players from the field and the whole team went home, 1 goal behind.

Nijhuis wasn't much of a player, but when he saw Anders Frisk on the tv he knew what he wanted to be. Not only his refereeing but also the way the Swede looked made an impact on Nijhuis. The long blond hair, the way Frisk wore his shirt with the collar open: sexy. Nijhuis likes that. The Dutchman frequents the tanning saloon and likes to put a lot of styling gel in his hair.
Nijhuis thinks a referee shouldn't be invisible at all.

Together with one of his assistants, Nijhuis travels the country doing shows for amateur clubs, telling audiences about refereeing, showing funny home videos and doing a quiz he copied from tv.

When interviewed Nijuis has advocated for tougher punishments when players or coaches have been misbehaving.

In the 2009 under 19 European Championships semi-finals, England against France, Nijhuis showed 9 yellows to France (1 to England) and sent off three French players.

Before a match Nijhuis checks the clubs' websites to see what is going on. He keeps the yellow card in his left shirt pocket and the red in the right.

and that was clearly visible when he booked a Feyenoord player for the second time in a 2010 match against PSV Eindhoven in the Dutch Eredivisie. Feyenoord then lost the match 0-10, the biggest ever loss for the Rotterdam team. Feyenoord were winners of the UEFA Cup (74, 02), European Cup (70), World Cup (70).

Nijhuis in a television commercial for an insurance company

From our reporter: Karl Muller